The application portal will close when all funds are committed. The funds are awarded on a first come first serve basis and based on eligibility of expenses.

To apply visit and click “Apply”.

According to the ERG guidelines, an additional grant round could be available if funding is not exhausted in Round 1. At this time, there is no date set for Round 2 as it is dependent on the applications in Round 1 completing the review process and meeting the compliance guidelines.  Please continue to check the ERG Website for updates.   

If the application states “awaiting information”  or the applicant would like to submit receipts for approved purchases after disbursements, they need to

  1. Log in to the portal
  2. Select appropriate application
  3. Click “Add Info,” then “Next” until reach Step 4 Qualified Expenditures.
  4. Select the line item which needs receipts and select Add Info. 
  5. Click Next until the end of the application and hit Submit.

The online application portal is OPENING SOON!  

Changes cannot be made to your application after final submission.  Your business is eligible to apply a second time 30 days after the first application is submitted. 

No. Due to the compressed timeline for this program, there is no dispute of denial process.  Businesses can reapply 30 days from the denial notification.

The contact should be an owner, manager, or other key individual within the company who is available to respond to email communications during and outside of business hours.

No, the application must be submitted by the requesting business. We do encourage you, however, to consult with these groups to ensure a complete application prior to submittal.

The contact will receive all communications related to the grant. They must submit all documents and are responsible for providing any materials requested during the evaluation process. The contact will have only 72 hours to respond to any inquiries and resubmit required documentation. Failure to respond within this time constraint will result in denial of the request. The contact will be notified if the application is approved or denied. The contact (in addition to the business) is responsible for the information contained within the application.

The Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) have access to equipment to help the applicant fill out the ERG application.  Contact your closest SBDC (Small Business Development Center) office or call (701) 777-3700 to get the right contact information.

Documents you need to provide at application are quotes or receipts for your purchase. You will need to provide an NAICS number for your business, EIN, Social Security Number or your Secretary of State’s Registration number.

To receive support in other languages and/or support for immigrant-owned businesses contact the person listed in the geographic area closest to your location:

For assistance in Grand Forks and Fargo, including day-of support, please reach out ahead of time to schedule a meeting.   

On the log in page of the application, click the “Forgot Password” button.  The applicant will then receive an email.  In this email, there will be a link to click and it will direct the applicant to page to reset the password.  Keep this password in a secure location as the applicant may have to use it in the future to adjust the application. 

Check your junk mail for the email. If you still have not received your confirmation, log back into the portal and verify that your status appears as “Submitted.” If it does, please email the help line at

On the first NAICS code box there is a down arrow.  Click the first two numbers of the NAICS code and then click on the magnifying glass to search for the rest of the numbers. 

Pending submission means the applicant has not finished the application by selecting “submit” button at the end of the document.  Prior to submitting a grant, be sure you have included all estimates, receipts or invoices as once the application is submitted, it cannot be adjusted.  

If an applicant submits a zero-dollar ($0) application, it is opened back up and the status is changed to pending submission and clearing the application stage.  The applicant will then receive an email  automatically telling them of the $0 submission.  The applicant will need to log in to the portal, select the “Previous” button at the bottom of the screen next to the Submit button until they get to the page/step they need to be on, such as Step 4, Qualified Expenditures.  Expenditures then can be added with supporting documentation.

The applicant submitted multiple applications with the same company name, contact name and SSN.  Those applications were merged to form one application with all the data. 

You cannot transfer one business to another person.  Another unique individual, who has not submitted a grant yet and is legally responsible for the business, must register with their social security number and enter in the business and proceed to the application.

No. We will reserve the funds requested by the applicant for 72 hours. Failure to respond within the 72 hour window will result in a denial of your application and release the funds to be awarded to other applicants. Should this occur, you may apply again 30 days from the date of your denial notice.

Companies must use funds and submit all receipts within 45 days from the date of which the check was issued or by December 29th , whichever is earlier. One 30-day extension may be authorized under unique circumstances, e.g. difficulty in securing equipment due to high demand. After the one extension, companies must submit receipts and/or refund the state. Eligible expenses must be purchased on or after March 27, 2020. 

The ERG grant requires only one bid/quote per expense item. Please note this bid/quote will be used in determining your final grant amount.

You must upload receipt dated after March 27th, 2020 for each line of reimbursable expenses. You must upload a quote for each line of proposed expenditures. You may need to upload the same receipt or quote on more than one line if it contains multiple items.

Yes. You must submit proof of purchase 45 days from the date in which the grant was approved, or by December 29, 2020 whichever comes first.  Failure to do so will require you to return and/or reimburse the remainder of the award.

No. You will be required to return all funds spent on items not listed and approved on your application.

You are required to return any unspent grant funds.

No. You will be required to return any funds that were spent on items not listed and approved on your original grant application.

If funds were disbursed, you will be required to return any funds that were not spent.

No. All documentation must be submitted via the online application.

No.  The application process requires a valid email address.  All documentation must be submitted via the online application.

No. These funds are not considered 1099 reportable income.

No. You must review your application for accuracy and completeness as changes cannot be made after final submission.  

The next steps will be outlined in your award notification email.

Each line item in your application will be reviewed individually for eligibility and accuracy. Potential reasons for adjustments in the award amount may include ineligible expenses, insufficient documentation, incorrectly entered qualifying cost amounts, etc. If the award amount was adjusted from your requested amount, the reason will be explained in the email notifying you of your award amount. 

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