In response to NCMEC's effort to help ensure that the Plan is implemented effectively, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a special "Abducted Child Statement" event code. This code will be used within the Emergency Alert System (EAS) when the AMBER Plan is activated.

Until now, broadcasters have activated the AMBER Plan as a "Civil Emergency Message." However, these alerts have been confused with other civil emergencies such as flood or tornado. Recognizing the need for consistency nationwide, the FCC added this special code.

Not only does NCMEC and the FCC believe this special code will help mobilize a community more quickly when a missing-child tragedy strikes, but it will also build on the reputation of the EAS as the most credible and reliable vehicle for providing this type of emergency information to the public.

NCMEC and the FCC are encouraging all broadcast stations to adopt this new code and upgrade their EAS Systems to include it.