Initiated by the passage of House Bill 1359, Silver Alert legislation was signed by Governor Doug Burgum on May 3, 2017. The Silver Alert system’s purpose is to locate an individual identified as a disabled adult, or vulnerable elderly adult, or a minor who has a developmental disability and has been reported to law enforcement authorities as missing.  Based upon the national success of AMBER and Blue Alert plans, and using the same notification systems, Silver Alerts provide a quick response system designed to receive, analyze and coordinate dissemination of identifying information to the public about a vulnerable individual that is missing. The broadcasts will solicit public action to locate the individual, enabling safe and swift recovery of the individual by law enforcement officers. A strong plan provides protection to our vulnerable or disabled community by serving as a public safety plan of action.


Silver Alert Activation Criteria

Upon the request of a law enforcement agency that is investigating a missing person. To Activate a Silver Alert, this missing person report must meet the following criteria:

  1. The missing person involves a vulnerable adult as defined under NDCC 50-25.2-01 or vulnerable elderly adult, who is at least 65 years old, as defined under NDCC 12.1-31-07, who has been reported to law enforcement as missing.

  2. The missing person involves a minor who has developmental disabilities, as defined under NDCC 25-01.2-01, who has been reported to law enforcement as missing.

  3. There is descriptive information about the minor or adult and/or vehicle involved, to assist with the safe recovery of the person.

  4. There is enough usable information about the person and/or vehicle to believe an immediate broadcast will provide the public with descriptive information to help locate the person or vehicle.


Silver Alert Activation

Silver Alert Request Form - PDF