The Care19 app is a state-of-the-art location tracing application that allows you to take an active role in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and make a difference in the health of your loved ones and your community. The app also will help the NDDoH understand and predict the infection rates across North Dakota. It will be used to plan better for testing and prepare health care services needed to fight the virus. The initial version will collect data to assist the NDDoH in making better decisions and allow users to see at a glance the locations they’ve been to help identify close contacts if they  contract COVID-19.  

One of the most effective tools that we have in our battle against COVID-19 is the ability to isolate people who have contracted the disease and to identify others they came in contact with so they can isolate as well.  This is effective because it reduces the spread of this very contagious virus.  The more effective we are at identifying people who have had exposure to the virus the better we will be able to flatten the curve and reduce the spread in our communities.  This application will help us be more effective at contact tracing.  The sooner we have better data the sooner we will be better at saving lives. 

The information will  be used by our contact tracing teams, who review all the recent contacts of each person who has tested positive for COVID-19. The data will be used to help the interviewer remind the person infected with COVID-19 where they have been recently to help them identify others they may have been in contact with.  In addition, at the anonymous level it will help inform the infection rates of different classifications of mobility.  The rates will be used to more accurately model what is needed by our health care system to keep up with the spread of the virus. 

By downloading the app, you are taking an active role in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and making a difference in the health of your loved ones and your community.  

Your information is 100% anonymous and will be used in an aggregated form.  In the event you test positive for the virus you can consent to make your information available at your discretion to the North Dakota Department of Health. 

The application does not have any information that is tied to an individual person.  Only if an individual does test positive will they be asked to provide their permission to access their mobility history to aid the interview process. 

Yes, this application works like any other application and may be deleted at any time from your device.  In addition, you have the ability through the “About Screen” in the application to delete all data that has been collected from your use of the application as well as see the data that has been collected.  This application complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act. 

In short, what’s in it for you is what’s in the best interest for all of us. This application will have the best chance of succeeding and helping if every single resident of the state installs and uses the application.  You hear a lot about models recently in the news.  Models are used when it is not possible to collect all the actual information.  Models are based on assumptions.  If we all join together and reduce the margin of error in our assumptions, we have a better chance of reducing the impact of COVID-19. 

A small group of local employees, whose members had all worked with Governor Burgum at Great Plains, reached out and offered to help the state in any way that they could in their personal capacities.  When the Governor was introducing Tim Brookins of the developers to his leadership team on COVID-19, he mentioned that Tim was the developer of the Bison Tracker, and the team got very excited because they could see how something like that application could have a very positive impact for the state. The application was defined, built and tested over the past week.

ProudCrowd is the company that Tim Brookins formed when he created the Bison Tracker.  ProudCrowd is providing its technology as the foundation for the Care19 product free of charge.  Having access to years of development and testing allowed the Care19 application to be created in an incredibly short amount of time. 

Microsoft is not affiliated with the Care19 application.  Microsoft employees have been involved with this as a personal project, collaborating to create and test Care19. 

The state has an obligation to do whatever it can to help our residents. The use of new technology is one of the ways in which we can help ourselves be more effective at fulfilling that obligation.  The Care19 app is being developed to help us be better at fighting the COVID-19 virus and for no other reason. 

This application cost the state nothing to create.  Existing IP was donated from ProudCrowd LLC  which donated its time and effort to bring Care19 to life. Depending on the scale of adoption, there may need to be additional funding to pay for the servers to run the app.  

At this time, since we are just now launching the application there are no other states committed to launch the application.  However, it was built so that it could be provided to other states to run their own versions if they choose to do so.  We are all in this together! 

At the time we started this process we were not aware of any other applications that met our needs.  In the past week there have been some other applications in the genre being talked about in the press.  We tuned Care19 specifically for our needs and the engineering cycle was extremely short.  We feel it is best to move forward with our current application. 

NO!  The map does not show infected people.  In fact, it doesn’t show people at all.  The map displays a dot on each city where someone is using the Care19 app.  The size of the dot is proportional to the number of users in that city.  The purpose of the map is to help build community.  It enables people to see how their friends and fellow citizens across the state are pitching in to help the fight against COVID-19 

If an individual travels out of state, once they stop for a period of 15 minutes, their location would be documented.  

The map represents cities where people are using the Care19 app.  The size of the dot reflects how many people.  The map does NOT display individual people, nor does it display anything about positive cases.  

The app requires iOS 13.0 or above.  Any iPhone that can run iOS 13 will be able to use the app. IOS 13 is compatible with these versions of phones:   

  • iPhone XS 
  • iPhone XS‌ Max 
  • iPhone XR 
  • iPhone‌ X 
  • iPhone 8 and ‌iPhone 8‌ Plus 
  • iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus 
  • iPhone‌ SE 
  • iPhone‌ 6s and 6s Plus 


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