Severe Summer Weather

It seems many of us pay no attention to the weather until it is severe or has negatively impacted us in some way. Weather affects our safety and well-being, our family's safety, and our pocketbooks. Think of how wind and hail has an impact on our home and auto insurance rates. Think of how one tornado nearly destroyed Northwood in 2007, severely impacting the residents' way of life. Think about how the weather impacts the agricultural industry and the lives of farm families in North Dakota.  SevereSummerWeather.jpg

Every year, the National Weather Service, local emergency managers, and the ND Department of Emergency Services, as well as other interested groups collaborate together to inform the public about severe summer weather and steps we all can take to keep ourselves, our families, and our property safe.

Please use the links below for safety tips. For more information about summer weather, please visit The National Weather Service (NWS) website.


For more information about Severe Summer Awareness Week, please contact:

Cecily Fong
Public Information Officer
Fraine Barracks Lane - Building 35
PO Box 5511
Bismarck, ND 58504
T: 701.328.8100
F: 701.328.8181
Toll Free: 800.773.3259



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Lightning/Thunderstorm Safety

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