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North Dakota voters will be receiving their ballots by mail for the June 9th primary election. County commissions in all of the 53 counties have authorized Vote by Mail for the election as a measure to reduce the public’s risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Governor Doug Burgum signed Executive Order 2020-13 on March 26, 2020 strongly encouraging counties to use Vote by Mail for the June 9, 2020 election. The executive order suspends the requirement for counties to have at least one physical polling location. In response, every county has decided to administer the primary election by Vote by Mail only. Reservation counties have worked with tribal governments in their county to secure agreements to support Vote by Mail. This means no polling locations will be open for the primary election and all ballots will be issued through the mail.

All eligible voters will be receiving an application in the mail from the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office. If you do not receive an application by May 11th, contact your county auditor. The voter will complete their application and mail it to the county auditor using a postage-paid envelope. Once the auditor’s office receives the application and verifies the information is filled in correctly and has been signed, a ballot will be sent.

Voters can return their ballots by mail to the county auditor’s office or deposit the ballot at a secure mail ballot drop box location. Each county will have a secure ballot drop box; contact the county auditor regarding the location. Voted ballots need to be returned by mail by June 8th or at the secure drop box by 4 p.m. on June 9th, primary election day.

An ExpressVote assistive voting device will be available for voters needing assistance with their ballot. Contact your county auditor to make an appointment, as most county courthouse have restricted public access.

Attached are several Vote by Mail graphics developed by the Auditors Association that will be shared by counties on social media along with on the North Dakota Association of Counties Facebook page. We welcome your use of these in your publications as a tool to help educate voters. Also attached is a picture of a secure ballot drop box for your reference.