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Bismarck, ND – After cresting at 15.43 feet at 5:30PM today, the Missouri river levels have dropped nearly two feet in just over two hours following joint mitigation efforts by the ND National Guard, ND Department of Emergency Services, the ND Department of Water Resources, and the Army Corps of Engineers. As of 8:15PM, the Missouri river sits at 13.49 feet, dropping below minor flood stage back to action stage.

Today, two North Dakota National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters dropped 116 buckets of water--each containing 5,000 lbs--onto the leading edge of the ice jam near Fox Island and the Heart River confluence south of Bismarck. Around 6 p.m., major swathes of ice began to loosen and successfully flow downriver.

The State Emergency Operations Center was activated early this morning and staffed by members of Emergency Services, Department of Water Resources, Department of Transportation, North Dakota National Guard, National Weather Service, Army Corps of Engineers, with Highway Patrol providing drone footage on-site in an effective whole-of-government response.

Officials continue to monitor river levels and weather.

For updates on flooding and other major events, visit www.NDResponse.gov.

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