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The North Dakota Department of Commerce today announced that the Innovation Technology Loan Fund (LIFT) Committee is again accepting applications for the LIFT program.

The LIFT Committee will meet on May 13 to review existing and new applications. Four in-person presentations that advanced from previous meetings are also scheduled for the upcoming meeting.

Commerce announced in March that the April LIFT Committee board meeting was canceled and placed the program on hold in response of the COVID-10 pandemic. 

“The committee decided that now is a prudent time to reopen LIFT as our economy shifts to recovery and rebuilding,” Commerce Head of Investments and Innovation, Josh Teigen said. “LIFT was created to deliver capital to bring the most innovative ideas to market, and these ideas are going to be instrumental in our economy restarting and continuing to move forward.”

LIFT is an innovation loan fund supporting technology advancement put in place during the 2019 legislative session.

 The LIFT Committee is responsible for application evaluations of the loan program supporting technology advancement for North Dakota businesses through the commercialization of intellectual property.

For more information please visit https://belegendary.link/LIFT .

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