Economic Resiliency Grant


The Consolidated Appropriations Act allowed continued spending of previous Cares Act dollars. Following review by the Office of Management, Legislative Counsel and Budget and the Attorney General’s Office, it was determined that ND Commerce was authorized to spend these funds from 2020 programs authorized by the Emergency Commission and Budget Section. As a result, the Department determined the hospitality sector needs continued, therefore, another round of Hospitality Emergency Resiliency Grants (HERG) would be available.

This includes restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments.  Additionally, the HERG Round 2 will also focus entertainment venues to include movie, drama or music theaters and facilities used to host community and private events; including indoor recreation entertainment (e.g. bowling alleys, indoor golf clubs, and indoor trampoline parks) where membership/class fees do not exceed 51% of revenue.

Department of Commerce developed and implemented three grants, Economic Resiliency Grant (ERG), Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant (HERG) and Hospitality ERG PLUS.

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