Date: January 12, 2017

Agency: North Dakota Joint Information Center

Contact: ND DOT Communications: 701-328-4444 or Morton County PIO: 701-426-1587 or 701-595-3596

Bismarck, ND – The North Dakota Department of Transportation reports the agency has received core test results from the Highway 1806 Cantapeta Creek Bridge testing that took place on December 22, 2016. Five core samples were taken and sent to an out of state laboratory that specializes in heat damage. The test results show that the fire damage did not affect the structural integrity of the bridge and that it is considered structurally sound.

“It’s good news that the structural integrity of the bridge was not compromised. But repairs still need to be completed before the bridge is considered safe for vehicle travel,” said Grant Levi, Director of the North Dakota Department of Transportation. “The Department will need to complete surface and guardrail repairs caused by protesters’ unlawful activity.”

The repair work may be completed within a few weeks contingent upon security in the immediate area and weather conditions.

Under the authority of the North Dakota Governor and the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, the ND Highway 1806 roadway north of the bridge will remain closed until there is assurance no criminal activity will take place and federal law enforcement has been introduced into the protest camp to restore law and order.

In the past few weeks protesters have cut and removed security wire, vandalized state equipment, stolen state property and have continued their aggressive and threatening behavior.