Date: December 2, 2016

Agency: Morton County

"I'm very happy to see a spirit of bipartisanship being extended with today’s meeting between President-Elect Trump and Senator Heitkamp. As Senator Heitkamp’s constituent and a representative of the residents of Morton County, I urge her speak to the President-Elect on the serious impact the professional protestors who have come to our state are having on our citizens and local economies, as well as the national energy economy. I sincerely hope Senator Heitkamp is able to make a direct plea to the new Administration for the help and resources from the federal government that are desperately needed to assist local law enforcement in their efforts to provide public safety, and to expedite a decision on the final easement for the Dakota Access pipeline so that our citizens may return to their normal lives. We have seen nothing but foot-dragging and unhelpful directives from the Obama administration. I trust Senator Heitkamp will use her meeting and her influence to ensure that help is on the way for the people of North Dakota when the President-Elect is sworn in on January 20th.”