At approximately 11:00 am, a group of law enforcement representatives consisting of Sheriff Kirchmeier, Sheriff Laney, Colonel Gerhart, and General Dohrmann approached the protester’s roadblock by the North Camp.  There were met by a contingent of protesters with Mekasi Camp-Horinek acting as the primary spokesperson for the protesters.  Sheriff Kirchmeier asked that the protesters remove their blockades and move off of the private property.  The protesters said that they were not moving.  Law enforcement left without incident.At approximately 12:15 pm, DAPL security recovered a drone apparently belonging to the protesters that was buzzing them at the archeological site just west of Hwy 1806.  Damage on the drone indicated that it is likely the same drone involved in the incident which endangered the helicopter on 10/23/16.  During the day, protesters continued to expand the North Camp, including moving in a small mobile home and erecting additional teepees.