At approximately 8:15 am, a large group of protesters left the protest camps and some marched and some traveled in vehicles to the location of the North (ditch) Camp.  The group congregated at the North Camp and was estimated at approximately 200 persons.  A subject claiming to be a group leader, who identified himself as Mekasi Camp-Horinek, informed law enforcement on scene that this was a prayer ceremony and the group would not trespass.  Social media affiliated with the protesters was reporting this was going to be an “Historic Day”.Law enforcement monitored the protesters and at approximately 10:45 am observed protesters entering private property on the east side of Hwy 1806 by the North Camp location.  The protesters began to erect teepees and move vehicles onto the private property.  At approximately 12:40 pm, law enforcement officers attempted to arrest a group of 3 individuals who were trespassing on private property east of Hwy 1806 that were to the north of the main group of protesters.  Law enforcement was able to apprehend and arrest one of these subjects and as they did so, a number of people from the large group of protesters began to run towards law enforcement who were conducting the arrest.  Law enforcement withdrew before being confronted. Protesters continued to erect teepees and other tents on the private property in addition to entering other buildings on the property.  At approximately 2:00 pm protesters began to barricade Hwy 1806 by the North Camp using vehicles, wire fencing, pieces of log, bales, rocks, and miscellaneous debris until the road was totally blockaded.  The protesters also blockaded Hwy 1806 south of the main protest camps using vehicles and a Dept. of Transportation electronic sign.  Additionally, the protesters blockaded Co Rd 134 just west of Hwy 1806 using large logs and also erected 5 tents on the roadway. At approximately 3:45 pm, NDHP Colonel Gerhardt accompanied by 2 other law enforcement officers approached the protesters’ north blockade on Hwy 1806 and advised them they need to clear the blockade from the roadway.    At approximately 4:20 pm, the protesters began to clear the blockades from Hwy 1806 and at approximately 4:45 the blockades were removed from Hwy 1806 but the material in the ditch remained.  The blockade on Co Rd 134 remained. Hwy 1806 was closed except to local traffic and D.O.T. signs were placed and BIA established a traffic control point at Hwy 1806/Hwy 24.  The protesters continued to erect teepees, tents, and move vehicles onto the private property.  During the events of the day, a drone was flown within 50 feet of a helicopter, endangering those on the helicopter and the drone was also used to surveil law enforcement field operations.  Law enforcement attempted to disable the drone by shooting it with less-lethal armament.  It was also reported that arrows had been shot at the helicopter.