At approximately 5:00 am a report was received that protesters were at the DAPL construction sites located at AR 125 & 126.  Law enforcement responded and found protesters at AR 126 but AR 125 was cleared.  There were approximately 12 protesters at AR 126 and 4 were locked to a passenger vehicle the protesters apparently brought to the scene. At approximately 7:00 am, a report was received that approximately 100 vehicles had left the protest camps and traveled to the site of the “North Camp” along Hwy 1806 at AR 128.  A group of approximately 100 – 150 persons were reported as trespassing onto the pipeline right of way and marching west onto the property.  Law enforcement responded and formed a line just to the DAPL equipment that was parked east of AR 127.  The marching protesters were joined by others forming a group estimated at 200+.  This group reached the line of law enforcement officers at approximately 9:00 am.  The protesters confronted the law enforcement officers and due to protester actions, law enforcement began making arrests at approximately 9:20 am.  The protester group subsequently began to move east while scattering into smaller groups.  Law enforcement reported several small children in the group, with one child estimated to be 3 years of age.   The protest group also brought a number of dogs with them, and law enforcement reported at least 3 German Shepherds with the group at one point.  Due to protester vehicles and pedestrians on the roadway at site AR 128, Hwy 1806 was temporarily closed from approximately 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.