By 7:00 am, “Democracy Now” had assembled equipment at the church lot directly west of the Morton County Courthouse.  This was apparently in preparation for Amy Goodman’s planned appearance to answer criminal charges against her. At approximately noon, a large group of protesters parked their vehicles on the east end of Memorial Bridge, blocking both the westbound and eastbound lanes of travel.  The protesters gathered on foot, creating a line that totally blocked the east end of the bridge.  They then began a march eastbound on West Main Avenue, totally blocking the eastbound lane of Main Ave.  Law enforcement established a line near West Main/West Rosser to address the protesters’ blocking of the roadway.  At approximately 12:45, the protesters began to disperse. The majority of this group of protesters then apparently traveled to the Morton County Courthouse where they joined the ongoing protest bringing the total involved to an estimate of approximately 150 persons.  Law enforcement restricted protest activity to a certain area in order to keep the street and sidewalks clear.  At approximately 2:30 pm, the protesters dispersed from the Courthouse area.  One subject was arrested during the protest activity at the Courthouse for disobedience of public safety orders and disorderly conduct.