At approximately 7:40 am a report was received that there were protesters at the DAPL construction site at AR 125 and that a subject was locked down to equipment.  Reports were also received at approximately the same time that a small group of protesters may also be at the site at AR 126.  LE responded and found 1 subject locked down to an excavator at AR 125 and all other protesters had left the sites at AR 125 and 126.  A bucket truck responded and as LE were raised to remove the protester, he released himself and was subsequently arrested for reckless endangerment & criminal trespass. At approximately 9:00 am a convoy of vehicles approached LE who were at Hwy 6/Co Rd 135 restricting access to DAPL sites.  Occupants of the vehicles (estimated to be 100 – 150) approached the LE line and 10 were subsequently arrested for disobedience of public safety order & disorderly conduct.  This group of protesters left the area at approximately 10:00 am.  At approximately 9:45 am, LE had restricted another large convoy of vehicles that were prevented from accessing DAPL sites near Co Rd 81/Co Rd 135.  The protesters left their vehicles and began walking on Co Rd 81.  They walked several miles on Co Rd 81 and eventually turned around and went back to their vehicles and left the area and dispersed at approximately noon.  At approximately 10:45 hrs. a group of 3 protesters were arrested in the area that were trespassing on private property east of Co Rd 81 off 64th St.