At approximately 1:00 pm smaller groups of vehicles were seen leaving the camps and eventually formed into a larger convoy that traveled around the area where active DAPL construction was taking place.  LE monitored the convoy and prevented it from approaching any of the construction sites.  The convoy did stop and some protesters approached LE who were stationed on Co Rd 81 just north of 63rd St but there was no significant confrontation.  The convoy traveled through the area and then returned to the camps. At approximately 4:45 pm, a large group of vehicles left the main camp and drove to the “north camp”.  There were approximately 100 people at the “north camp” until about 5:00 pm when they began dispersing and returned to camp.  According to social media, there may have been some sort of prayer ceremony there and reports were received at the main camp that LE was coming so a number responded to the “front line”.