At approximately 2:00 pm, 4 persons from the protest camp walked onto the Backwater Bridge.  The individuals walked to the barricade on the north end of the bridge and appeared to be examining the security measures at the barricade.  After about 15 minutes, 3 of these subjects walked to the east of Hwy 1806 along the barricade to a point where they climbed over to the north side of the barricade.  They then walked back to Hwy 1806 where they stood directly on the north side of the barricade.  The 4th subject stayed on the south side of the barricade and was taking photos/videos of the other 3 crossing the barricade. Law enforcement officers responded to the barricade and arrested the 3 who crossed the barricade for criminal trespass. Local media was reporting that Chairman Archambault said the Standing Rock Tribe was working to assist protesters to leave the Seven Councils Camp.  It was also reported that a number of the leading organizations in the protest movement were asking people not to come to the camp but to stay home and support the protest by taking action in their own communities. No other significant events occurred during the day.