Winter storm conditions continued primarily due to high wind speeds.  In the morning, ND Dept of Transportation snowplows did plow Hwy 1806 to the protest camp as well as other roads in the surrounding area. At approximately 1:30 pm, a group of about 15 protesters did a demonstration outside the Federal building in Bismarck (3rd & Rosser) for about 10 minutes and then left without incident. At approximately 4:35 pm, a group of approximately 12 protesters went onto the Backwater Bridge and approached the barricade.  One of the group began cutting the security wire at the barricades and began to remove portions of the wire.  Law enforcement approached the barricade and ordered the protesters to leave the bridge.  The protesters verbally contested law enforcement but eventually dispersed from the bridge about 4:55 pm.   There was minimal damage to the security wire, but it will require repair.