At approximately 8:00 am, subjects from the protest camp walked onto the Backwater Bridge.  By 8:30 there were approximately 12 individuals on the bridge.  One of these subjects crossed over to the north side of the barricade that is on the north side of the bridge.  After a few minutes, the subject crossed back over to the south side of the barricade.  The subjects were taking photos and video of the barricade and surrounding area as if doing a survey of the security measures in place. Law enforcement officers came up to the barricade and told these subjects they needed to leave the bridge as they were trespassing and were in violation of the agreement concerning the bridge.  The subjects left after being told by the officers but expressed disagreement to the officers. At the same time as the individuals were on the bridge, a protester had crossed over to the private property on the north side of Cantapeta Creek west of Hwy 1806.  This subject was located by law enforcement and arrested for trespass at approximately 8:20 am. At approximately noon, a group that appeared to be approximately 100 persons walked down Hwy 1806 from the camp and stopped just south of the Backwater Bridge.  The group turned and walked back south on Hwy 1806 and formed up with additional persons who were coming from the protest camp.  At approximately 1:30, the group walked back north on Hwy 1806 to a position south of the Backwater Bridge where they stood in a group.  The group was very large at this time and was estimated to be 500 – 1000 people.  At approximately 2:15 pm, the group began to disperse back to the camp. Throughout the day, there was a snowstorm caused by falling snow and high winds.  Blizzard warnings were in effect for the coming night.