Date: March 16, 2017

Agency: North Dakota Joint Information Center

BISMARCK, ND – The North Dakota Highway Patrol logged more hours in flight during the six months of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest than they would typically fly over the course of four years. Below is a snapshot of NDHP aircraft statistics from August through February. Also, NDHP coordinated the towing of vehicles that were abandoned at the main protest camp and those figures are below.


DAPL-related NDHP Aircraft Hours 612
Number of Flights 241
Average Time per Flight 2.5

The following numbers are a breakdown of the vehicles abandoned and towed from the Oceti camp.

Total Vehicles Abandoned 44
Trucks/Pick-ups 13
Vans 2
Cars 12
Snow Blade/Removal 1
Snowmobile Sleds 4
Flatbed Trailers 6
Campers/Motorhomes 3
Log Splitter 1
Buses 2

Sources: North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, Morton County Sheriff’s Department