Date: January 30, 2017

Agency: North Dakota Joint Information Center

Contact: 701-328-7377

BISMARCK, ND – The many reports of GoFundMe appeals from DAPL protesters have led the public to wonder where the money is coming from, how it is administered and who is in charge of distributing it. Because there is no way to completely guarantee that a cause is bona fide, the GoFundMe site says donors should only give money to accounts created by people they personally know and trust.

We compiled the following list of the top DAPL GoFundMe and other crowdfund accounts on the internet and here is what we found. The list we observed had over 300 accounts.

As of January 25, 2017 Protester GoFundMe accounts have raised $8,061,614.00

The Official – Sacred Stone Camp $3,054,002
#BuildWithStandingRockCommunity $537,490
Medical Fund for Sophia Wilansky $431,605
Water Protector Legal Collective $407,465
Last Real Indians #NoDAPL Aid $372,483
Red Warrior Camp Official $253,640
STAND for Standing Rock NODAPL $182,415
Tattoos in Support of Standing Rock $144,605
Medical fund for Vanessa (Sioux Z) $133,920
Other Accounts:  
Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund: $2,766,921 raised (Goal: $1,500,000)
Official Support for SRST Against DAPL $288,898 raised (Goal: $100,000)
Free Red Fawn: $61,584 raised (Goal: $100,000)
Winterize Water Protectors Camp: $50,061 raised (Goal: $32,400)
Red Warrior Camp Legal Fund: $134,794 raised (Goal: $100,000)
Veterans for Standing Rock: $1,155,820 raised (Goal: $1,000,000)