Date: January 23, 2017

Agency: North Dakota Joint Information Center

Contact: ND Highway Patrol 701-391-8090

BISMARCK, ND – A breakdown of costs from August 10 through January 20 by the North Dakota Highway Patrol in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest and related illegal activity. These costs are dollars diverted from the agency’s normal operations of ensuring safety and law and order throughout the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota Highway Patrol

Personnel $1,956,533
Travel/lodging/per diem $431,928
Equipment/supplies $330,824
Total expenses eligible for reimbursement $2,719,285
TOTAL EXPENSES (includes regular time & mileage) $4,433,329
Number of state troopers logging emergency declaration time 155
Hours of regular time 41,039.75
Hours of overtime 39,113.75
Hours of on-call time 59,289.50
Miles driven on regular time 349,139
Miles driven on overtime 412,983

Source: North Dakota Highway Patrol