Rogue Protesters Told to Vacate Illegal Camp on DAPL Property


Date: February 1, 2017

Agency: Morton County Sheriff's Department

Contact: Morton County PIO (701) 426-1587 or (701) 595-3596

Mandan, N.D. – In response to the actions of a rogue group of over 40 protesters who were attempting to establish another illegal camp on private property in southern Morton County, law enforcement officers warned them to vacate the area or face enforcement actions.

Morton County Sheriff’s Department officers met twice with a group representing the rogue camp, including Chase Iron Eyes, on the Backwater Bridge to discuss the situation. The group was told they were committing criminal trespass on private property and needed to leave immediately. The group was given a period of time to start dismantling the camp and leave. They did not show signs of starting to leave even after multiple warnings, and said they would not leave. This led to the decision to take action to enforce the law and evict the rogue group of protesters.