No.  If you utilized equipment, personal protective equipment or other products to keep your workplace clean and sanitized, these items would not qualify for this grant.  Additional products, one-time-deep cleaning or equipment which help your consumer have confidence in your marketplace would be eligible.

If the purchases made qualify as eligible expenses and were purchased on or after March 27, 2020, you can submit the receipts from the purchases and receive reimbursement.

Potentially. If the redesign of your facility can reduce the spread of COVID-19, those costs associated may qualify.

Yes. The application provides a space to justify your purchases and explain how they are related to the purpose of the grant. If the expense is deemed justifiable, it will be approved and awarded.

No.  Taxes CANNOT be included in the application.  Sales taxes are the applicants cost.

No. Due to the compressed timeline for this program, there is no dispute of denial process.  Businesses can reapply 30 days from the denial notification.

No.  Employee costs are not allowable on this grant application.  Training related to COVID related topics are eligible.

No.  Purchases for employees only are not eligible. The intent of the grant is to reassure confidence in the economic marketplace and encourage people to feel safe about going back to stores.

No.  This grant is intended to increase activity and confidence in utilizing the marketplace and storefronts. 

No, the business must have a physical presence in North Dakota.

No.  Only North Dakota locations qualify for this grant.

Yes, as long as the business can prove a financial loss due to the COVID pandemic, was viable prior to March 1, 2020 and the application for COVID related expenses will encourage consumer confidence.

No, the ERG spirit of intent is to encourage consumer confidence in the marketplace through improvements to the business.  Regular repair and operation are not considered part of this grant.

Yes, shipping and handling charges can be included in the grant application.  Sales tax IS NOT allowable for this grant.

The application must include receipts or estimates for products which will be used in the North Dakota  businesses.  The applicant must have a physical location in North Dakota and be signed by an authorized legal representative of the company.  The ERG does not cover employee only items unless the company is part of essential supply chain and the products increase consumer confidence.

No, this grant is not intended to augment existing or new payroll.  You may use the funds to hire a contractor to do the work. You cannot hire a new employee to install the equipment.

No, you cannot be reimbursed for mileage on personal or business owned vehicles to move equipment or products to your workplace or to additional workplaces.  You may use the grant to reimburse shipping and handling on the invoice.

Yes, please be very clear in your application what the grant will be used for and how you operate your food truck.

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