How will the re-opening affect unemployment insurance? Will unemployed be required to again begin looking for work?

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After re-opening, the same unemployment insurance programs will remain available.  As is the case currently, individuals unemployed due to the pandemic will potentially remain eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.  The primary impact of reopening will be that if suitable work is available because an individual’s employer has reopened, but the individual chooses to not return to employment, they may be found ineligible for benefits.  Eligibility for future benefit payments is done on a case-by-case basis and could vary by situation.  Reopening, or the expiration of existing Executive Orders relating specifically to business operations, will not affect the Governor’s Executive Orders relating to items such as the temporary suspension of the unemployment insurance work search requirement.  These Orders will remain in force until the Governor specifically rescinds them.  There is not a sunset or expiration date on these particular orders.

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