Daily Activity

This is preliminary information to provide a general timeline & summary of protest activity.


No significant events occurred.


Very little activity today with the exception of three journalists being detained at the Seven Councils (overflow) camp. Apparently some of the protesters took exception to some of the questions raised by the journalists and ultimately surrounded the vehicle preventing them from leaving. They were asked to surrender their video however they refused. Law enforcement did respond and the journalists were allowed to leave with their footage.

The TIP/TCP was removed from its location at Hwy 1806/Co Rd 138A.


By 7:00 am, “Democracy Now” had assembled equipment at the church lot directly west of the Morton County Courthouse.  This was apparently in preparation for Amy Goodman’s planned appearance to answer criminal charges against her. Keep reading for more details.


No significant events occurred.


At approximately 7:40 am a report was received that there were protesters at the DAPL construction site at AR 125 and that a subject was locked down to equipment.  Reports were also received at approximately the same time that a small group of protesters may also be at the site at AR 126.  LE responded and found 1 subject locked down to an excavator at AR 125 and all other protesters had left the sites at AR 125 and 126.  A bucket truck responded and as LE were raised to remove the protester, he released himself and was subsequently arrested for reckless endangerment & criminal trespass. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 1:00 pm smaller groups of vehicles were seen leaving the camps and eventually formed into a larger convoy that traveled around the area where active DAPL construction was taking place.  LE monitored the convoy and prevented it from approaching any of the construction sites.  The convoy did stop and some protesters approached LE who were stationed on Co Rd 81 just north of 63rd St but there was no significant confrontation.  The convoy traveled through the area and then returned to the camps. 

At approximately 4:45 pm, a large group of vehicles left the main camp and drove to the “north camp”.  There were approximately 100 people at the “north camp” until about 5:00 pm when they began dispersing and returned to camp.  According to social media, there may have been some sort of prayer ceremony there and reports were received at the main camp that LE was coming so a number responded to the “front line”.


No significant events occurred.


No significant events occurred.


At approximately 11:00 am law enforcement conducted a stop on a vehicle that was reported to be engaged in suspicious activity near the DAPL site at AR 117.  This stop resulted in the arrest of 2 individuals.  

A small group of protesters conducted a demonstration at the Morton County Courthouse and Morton/Mandan LEC from approximately noon – 2 pm.  No problems were encountered.

At approximately 4:30 pm, riders on horseback left from Ft. Rice boat ramp to ride back to the camp on Hwy 1806.  The TIP converted to a TCP while this took place due to the traffic hazard/obstruction created by the riders and accompanying vehicles.   At approximately 6:20 pm, the riders reached the camp and Hwy 1806 was clear of horses and accompanying vehicles and the TCP converted back to a TIP.


At approximately 7:15 am a report was received that 2 individuals were locked down to DAPL equipment at the construction site located at AR 117 in protest to the pipeline project.   Law enforcement responded and subsequently cut these two subjects loose from the equipment.  Three individuals were arrested as a result.

At approximately 8:15 am a convoy estimated at approximately 100 vehicles occupied by protesters left the camps and traveled to the DAPL construction site located at AR 118.  A large group of protesters trespassed onto private property after removing a wire boundary fence to gain access.  Law enforcement responded and ultimately arrested 24 subjects.  Those arrested included actress Shailene Woodley.


No significant events occurred.


The “Ride for Our Sacred Water” left the overflow camp at approximately 11:30 am.  There were approximately 20 riders on horseback accompanied by support vehicles.  They traveled northbound on Hwy 1806 to the Ft. Rice area where they then headed west.  The support vehicles were traveling at a slow rate of speed creating a traffic hazard so the TIP was converted to a TCP from approximately noon – 1:50 pm. 

The rider group broke into separate groups.  One group continued on in the general area of the planned route to continue on towards the end destination of Tioga.  Other groups rode around the area with one group wanting to get onto the DAPL site at AR 121 to take photos.  LE did not allow this. These splinter groups ultimately loaded their horses into trailers and left the area. 

A drone was seized from Myron Dewey as a result of an investigation into a stalking offense which occurred earlier in the day. 


No significant protester activity.  A Fargo PD unit conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 6 in the area of St. Anthony that resulted in 3 misdemeanor arrests but it is unknown if it was protest related.

A pro-law enforcement rally was conducted by the public at the Mandan/Morton LEC.  There was no demonstration in opposition to law enforcement at the rally.


At approximately 10:45 am a convoy of approximately 60 vehicles containing protesters left the camps and traveled to the DAPL construction site area that is west and north of St. Anthony.  Law enforcement responded and monitored the progress of the convoy.  Law enforcement blocked roadways leading to the DAPL construction site access roads.  The convoy traveled around the area and ultimately returned to the camps at approximately 4:30 pm.  There were no demonstrations.

No arrests were made. 


At approximately 10:15 am a convoy of approximately 75 passenger vehicles and 2 buses left the protest camps and traveled north on Hwy 6 to St. Anthony where they encountered law enforcement who had closed Co Rd 136 westbound.  The protester convoy stopped on Hwy 6 and began a demonstration.   They were advised to clear the roadway and disperse.  At approximately 12:35 pm the protesters left this area in a convoy which traveled to the area of DAPL site AR 116 where they stopped and staged another demonstration.  At approximately 2:25 pm the protesters left this area and returned to camp. 

No arrests were made.


No significant events occurred.


At approximately 9:35 am a large group of vehicles (later estimated at approximately 110 vehicles each containing 3-4 protesters) forming a convoy were reported as leaving the camp and headed north on Morton Co Rd 81.  The convoy traveled to the St. Anthony area and basically made a loop and returned to the camp.  No protest activity occurred.


No significant events occurred.


No significant events occurred.


Protester group hand delivered a “Oceti Sakawin Proclamation and Notice” to the Morton County Sheriffs’ Department alleging violations of law by the Sheriffs’ Department related to the response to protest activities.