Daily Activity

This is preliminary information to provide a general timeline & summary of protest activity.


At approximately 8:20 am, a report was received that protesters were hanging anti-pipeline banners from overpasses in Bismarck.  The Bismarck Police Department responded and located 4 of the protesters involved in this activity.  Two of the protesters were arrested for drug violations and an outstanding warrant. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 6:45 am, law enforcement received a report of protesters establishing a roadblock near the intersection of Co Rd 82/Hwy 10 west of Mandan by the Precision Pipeline yard.  They left prior to law enforcement arrival and left a “sleeping dragon barrel” on Co Rd 82.  Law enforcement responded did contact these subjects.  At about the same time, a second report of a vehicle pulling a U Haul trailer containing protesters was observed in the area and law enforcement also did contact this vehicle.  No arrests were made with either group. Keep reading for more details.


A march was held that left Legion Park in Mandan at approximately 10:30 am that consisted of approximately 200 persons.  The destination of the march was the Morton Co LEC and upon arrival, the participants held a “love, prayer, and forgiveness” event.  The event concluded at approximately noon.  No problems were encountered. Keep reading for more details.


A large number of vehicles were observed going into the Seven Councils Camp throughout the day.  There was a large congregation of persons in the camp and it is believed this was related to the large group of clergy that had come to the area to show support for the protest.

No problems were encountered.


At approximately 6:00 pm, a small protest was held at the Morton County LEC on the east side.  There was a group of approximately 50 anti-pipeline protesters present.  No problems were encountered.  There was also a group of approximately 15 persons doing a pro-law enforcement demonstration at the same time on the north side of the LEC.  No problems were encountered as a result of this group’s activities. 


At approximately 6:30 am, a vehicle purportedly leaving the protest camp was northbound on Hwy 1806 and crashed into the burnt trucks north of the Backwater Bridge.  Vehicle occupants refused medical transport.  The NDHP investigated the crash. Keep reading for more details.


Throughout the early morning hours, protesters were constructing a wooden bridge from their camp on Cantapeta Creek in an attempt to reach the north shore of the creek. Keep reading for more details.


Protesters established a small camp on the south shore of the north branch of Cantapeta Creek in a location that is east of the Backwater Bridge.   This location is called “Turtle Island”.  The area of Corps of Engineer property on the north shore across from this camp where law enforcement is stationed is called “Lone Tree Hill”. Keep reading for more details.


The North Dakota Highway Dept. cleaned the road ditches along Hwy 1806 in the area of the North Camp and the Morton Co Highway Dept. cleaned the area of the protest at the bridge on Co Rd 134 west of Hwy 1806.  The North Camp location has been cleared of the protester teepees, tents, and other items. 

Law enforcement encountered a small group of protesters who were crossing from the south shore of the backwater east of the Backwater Bridge to the north shore.  There was no confrontation and the protesters returned to the south shore.


At approximately 1:00 am, a fire began in the prairie to the west of the Seven Councils camp on the west side of Hwy 1806.  Mandan Rural FD was dispatched at 1:12 am.  Due to the location of the fire, the fire departments experienced difficulty with access.  The fire was spreading to the west, and was not endangering the protest camps.  At approximately 8:30 am, a NDNG helicopter arrived to assist with extinguishing the fire.  The fire was basically extinguished at approximately 9:50 am.    


At approximately 10:30 am, persons from the main camp began gathering on the Backwater Bridge.  This group grew to approximately 150-200 persons by noon.  At approximately noon, a group of law enforcement command representatives met with representatives of the protest camp at the barricade on the north side of the Backwater Bridge.  By approximately 1:00 pm, the group had dispersed from the Backwater Bridge.

A demonstration event was held at the State Capitol from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Approximately 50 persons were present at the demonstration.  No problems were encountered.


Law enforcement maintained position at the Backwater Bridge throughout the previous night.  Fires continued to burn on the bridge this morning.  A group of approximately 50 protesters remained on the bridge throughout the morning.  At approximately 1:00 pm, either Standing Rock Tribal or camp representatives were attempting to persuade protesters to leave the bridge.  By approximately 3:00 pm, all protesters had left the area of the bridge.

During the afternoon, burned vehicles and other debris were cleaned from Co Rd 134 and the bridge where the protester roadblock had been established. 

Law enforcement continued to monitor the area of the Backwater Bridge throughout the day. 

No other significant activity occurred.


At approximately 11:50 am law enforcement began an operation to remove the protester roadblocks on Hwy 1806 as well as to remove individuals from private property in the area of the North Camp.  A group of law enforcement officers approached the protester roadblock on Hwy 1806 north of the North Camp and repeatedly and consistently gave notice that protesters needed to clear the highway and private property and to go to the south and if they did so they would not be arrested. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 11:00 am, a group of law enforcement representatives consisting of Sheriff Kirchmeier, Sheriff Laney, Colonel Gerhart, and General Dohrmann approached the protester’s roadblock by the North Camp.  There were met by a contingent of protesters with Mekasi Camp-Horinek. Keep reading for more details.


Activity continued in the new camp to include the apparent erection of new teepees. 

At approximately 11:40 am, a report was received that a female had fallen from a horse in the Seven Councils Camp and Standing Rock ambulance responded.  The nature and extent of the injury is unknown. 

At approximately 1:30 pm, it was reported that protesters had assembled materials to construct a 2nd roadblock approximately ½ of the way between their north roadblock and the North Camp.

At approximately 2:45 pm, a report was received that 6 riders on horseback had left the camps and ridden onto private property west of Hwy 1806 and rode to the roadblock the protesters have erected on Co Rd 134 east of Hwy 1806. 


The new camp location on private property east of Hwy 1806 grew overnight and consisted of approximately 17 teepees, 100+ small tents, 5 large military style tents, and several RV’s.  The protester road blockade remained on Co Rd 134 just west of Hwy 1806 and the number of tents on the roadway increased from 5 to 9 overnight.  The protesters blockaded Hwy 1806 just north of the North Camp from about 3:00 – 3:30 pm using large round bales and blockaded it again at approximately 4:00 pm.  There was a lot of vehicle travel between this new camp and the southern protester camps throughout the day.    


At approximately 8:15 am, a large group of protesters left the protest camps and some marched and some traveled in vehicles to the location of the North (ditch) Camp.  The group congregated at the North Camp and was estimated at approximately 200 persons.  A subject claiming to be a group leader, who identified himself as Mekasi Camp-Horinek, informed law enforcement on scene that this was a prayer ceremony and the group would not trespass.  Social media affiliated with the protesters was reporting this was going to be an “Historic Day”. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 5:00 am a report was received that protesters were at the DAPL construction sites located at AR 125 & 126.  Law enforcement responded and found protesters at AR 126 but AR 125 was cleared.  There were approximately 12 protesters at AR 126 and 4 were locked to a passenger vehicle the protesters apparently brought to the scene. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 2:45 pm, a group of approximately 20 vehicles left the camp and drove to the area of the Ft. Rice boat ramp.  The protesters (estimated at 40-50) then marched in the ditch to the area just south of the Ft. Rice campground area where they encountered a line of law enforcement officers.  The protesters staged a demonstration for approximately 10 minutes and then returned to their vehicles and drove back to the camps.  There was no significant confrontation with law enforcement and no arrests were made. Keep reading for more details.


VIP walkabout on 1806 to view construction site from AR 127 East. ND congressional delegation, Chairman Archambault, THPO, and SHPO were involved.  It was reported that some bones were found and were transported to the ND State Lab for analysis to determine if they are human or animal.  The ND medical examiner determined these bones were not from a human but were from a horse, cow, or deer.