Daily Activity

This is preliminary information to provide a general timeline & summary of protest activity.


Significant snow accumulations occurred during the previous night.

Governor Dalrymple issued an executive order for a mandatory evacuation of the US Corps of Engineer land on which the Seven Councils Camp is located due to winter weather conditions and the lack of proper shelter, dwellings, and means of sanitation in the camp. (The Governor’s office later clarified that occupants of the camp would not be forcibly evacuated, nor would any enforcement action be taken against those providing supplies or support to the camp.)


Just before 0800hrs, the TOC phone number was compromised resulting in an inundation of harassing phone calls. The phone number was shut down and a new number assigned. Keep reading for more details.


No significant protest events occurred.


At approximately 8:30 am, law enforcement used boats to seize and remove the wooden bridge and various watercraft from the shoreline by Turtle Hill.  Security fencing was also installed on the shoreline at the base of Turtle Hill. Keep reading for more details.


Between 8:30 am and 9:30 am, two caravans of approximately 200 vehicles left the Seven Councils camp and traveled to Mandan where protesters conducted a protest in the middle of Main Ave between the intersections of Mandan Ave & 13th Ave NE. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 9:15 am, a caravan of approximately 100 vehicles left the Seven Councils camp and traveled to the location of Hwy 1806/County Rd 138A where they encountered a law enforcement roadblock which prevented the caravan from traveling south on Hwy 1806.  The protesters conducted a demonstration on Hwy 1806 at that location for approximately 1 hour and then the caravan departed and traveled to Bismarck/Mandan. Keep reading for more details.


There was no significant protest activity.

Law enforcement conducted follow-up investigation on the Backwater Bridge related to the events which occurred at the incident on 11/20/16.

Additional jersey barriers were placed at the barricade on the north end of the bridge and additional fortifications to the barricade were completed.  A crane was used to remove the remaining burned truck from the barricade area.


At 8:00 am, it was reported that approximately 75 protesters were on the Backwater Bridge.  Throughout the morning, they worked on building a barricade wall on the bridge consisting of wood and other materials supplemented by some sandbags. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 6:00 pm, protesters pulled one of the burned out trucks from the barricade area on the north side of the Backwater Bridge using a semi-tractor.  They failed to comply with law enforcement orders to leave the truck alone and to disperse.  Law enforcement formed a line at the barricade. Keep reading for more details.


About 40 protester vehicles came into Bismarck/Mandan, but were not very organized. About 20 stopped at the Capital, but nothing really developed there.   Eventually, the vehicles dispersed from the cities. 

Two males were arrested for trespassing on private property in the southern part of Morton County, but it did not appear to be DAPL related.


Little protester movement today. Leaving the camp in small groups, no activity in town detected.


Protesters again came into Bismarck/Mandan, and protested in downtown Bismarck. There were eight arrests made at/or near the Federal Building in Bismarck.

The protesters then came to downtown Mandan to continue their actions. No arrests made in Mandan.


Protesters caravanned into Bismarck/Mandan and protested at the Bank of ND then walked to the main gate area at Fraine Barracks. No arrests.


At 9:20 am, vehicles began to leave the camps heading towards Bismarck/Mandan. The caravan stopped on Hwy10 west of Mandan by the Precision Pipeline facility. They parked along the Hwy. and then proceeded to block the BNSF tracks, first with a vehicle, and then with tree branches and other debris. LE formed a line and started to make arrests when the 300 protesters did not leave the area as instructed. Later in the day about 100 protesters marched from the area of UTTC, to the offices of the Corp of Engineers on S 12th Street in Bismarck.

There were 25 arrested at the protest scene in Mandan; none arrested at the Bismarck protest event.


At 9:40 am, approximately 100 vehicles left the camp and traveled to the State Capital to protest; then approximately 150 protesters walked down 3rd Street to the federal building where LE stopped them short of Rosser Avenue.  No arrests resulted.

A group of protesters accompanied by USCOE personnel was allowed to gather in the area of the pipeline easement.   


At 9:50 am, a small caravan of four vehicles left the camp, westbound on Hwy 24, one was stopped and the occupants were heading home to Wisconsin. A fishing boat reportedly entered the Cannonball at 10:28 am, and our units were unable to locate a boat. DAPL was to begin mobilizing their drilling equipment, moving it from Bismarck south to the drilling site today.


At approximately 9:00 am, a caravan of approximately 130 vehicles left the Seven Councils camp and proceeded to the area of the Precision Pipeline yard located west of Mandan where DAPL equipment is stored. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 10:00 am, protesters began assembling on Hwy 6 at AR 118.  A group also was reported as being at the construction site at AR 119.  Law enforcement responded and encountered a roadblock that protesters has established at Co Rd 135/Co Rd 81.  Law enforcement ordered the protesters at the roadblock to disperse and cleared the roadway but the protesters refused to leave.  Law enforcement subsequently arrested approximately 30 persons at this location. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 9:30 am, protesters began to gather at the Red Warrior camp on the shore of Turtle Island.  This group grew to approximately 100 persons.  Four canoes/kayaks were placed into the water and attempted to land on the north shore of the creek onto Turtle Hill but were prevented from landing by law enforcement.  The group of protesters walked along the shoreline to the east and eventually returned to the camp and dispersed.  By noon, all persons had left the area of the shoreline camp.


At approximately noon, a semi-tractor left the protest camp and went onto Hwy 1806 south of the Backwater Bridge and pulled the burned car and the D.O.T. sign from the west ditch onto the highway.  Other material was placed in the roadway and a cable was strung across the road to form a barricade.  After about an hour, the semi-tractor pulled the car and sign back into the ditch and the other material and cable was removed from the roadway. Keep reading for more details.