Daily Activity

This is preliminary information to provide a general timeline & summary of protest activity.


During the afternoon, a group estimated at approximately 50 people went to the Backwater Bridge and did a ceremony/demonstration of some type.  Some of the individuals approached the barricade on the north end of the bridge and tied ribbons to the security wire.  They also left 2 large flags at the south jersey barriers at the bridge.   

The weather began a warming trend with high temperatures in the mid-teens during the day.


No significant events occurred.  The weather remained very cold.


No significant events occurred.   The weather continued cold with below normal temperatures.


At approximately 4:00 pm, a group of 30-40 from the protest camp assembled on Hwy 1806 just south of the backwater bridge and appeared to be performing a ceremony.  After approximately 15 minutes the group dispersed and went back to camp.

No other significant events occurred.  The weather continued cold with below normal temperatures.


No significant events occurred.  The weather remained very cold with high temperatures around zero with wind chills in the double digits below zero. 


No significant events occurred.


At approximately 9:00 am a single individual from the protest camp walked onto the Backwater Bridge.  The individual walked along the barricade to the west and then climbed over the barricade trespassing onto the property on the north side of the barricade.  Law enforcement responded and took the individual into custody for criminal trespass. Keep reading for more details.


No significant events occurred. 


The white passenger car that crashed into the barricade remains at the barricade. No significant events occurred.   


At approximately 4:55 pm, a white passenger vehicle driving at a high rate of speed came from the south on Hwy 1806 and crashed into the jersey barriers forming a barricade on the north end of the Backwater Bridge.  Other individuals from the protest camp came to the bridge shortly after the crash occurred and provided assistance to the driver.  Law enforcement officers responded to the barricade and were informed by some of the individuals that this was a deliberate act but this has not been confirmed.  The officers were also told that the driver was going to be taken to a hospital but the nature and extent of injuries is unknown.  The incident remains under investigation. 


At approximately 2:00 pm, 4 persons from the protest camp walked onto the Backwater Bridge.  The individuals walked to the barricade on the north end of the bridge and appeared to be examining the security measures at the barricade.  Keep reading for more details.


Winter storm conditions continued primarily due to high wind speeds.  In the morning, ND Dept of Transportation snowplows did plow Hwy 1806 to the protest camp as well as other roads in the surrounding area. 

At approximately 1:30 pm, a group of about 15 protesters did a demonstration outside the Federal building in Bismarck (3rd & Rosser) for about 10 minutes and then left without incident.

At approximately 4:35 pm, a group of approximately 12 protesters went onto the Backwater Bridge and approached the barricade.  One of the group began cutting the security wire at the barricades and began to remove portions of the wire.  Law enforcement approached the barricade and ordered the protesters to leave the bridge.  The protesters verbally contested law enforcement but eventually dispersed from the bridge about 4:55 pm.   There was minimal damage to the security wire, but it will require repair.


A blizzard which began in the night continued throughout the day. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 8:00 am, subjects from the protest camp walked onto the Backwater Bridge.  By 8:30 there were approximately 12 individuals on the bridge.  One of these subjects crossed over to the north side of the barricade that is on the north side of the bridge. Keep reading for more details.


There were a large number of vehicles entering the Seven Councils camp throughout the day.

There was no significant protest activity.

The US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not grant an easement for DAPL to cross Lake Oahe.


Very little activity today.  A media conference was held regarding the plan to pull back the law enforcement line from the bridge.  A small group from the protest camp remained south of the bridge but there were no incidents.


At approximately 1050hrs, there was a report of three people on horseback riding cross country. Approximately 45 minutes later they rode back to camp.

At approximately 1315, a group of about 30 protesters came to the Morton County LEC. They departed approximately one hour later without incident.

The ND Adjutant General and representatives from law enforcement met with representatives from the protest camp at Backwater Bridge. There were no incidents reported.


Very slow day. Only activity reported were approximately a dozen people in two canoes traveling on a portion of the river. No incidents reported.


During the night, protestors took down a section of C wire. The area was repaired later in the day. Between 1430 and 1500 as many as 30 people approached Backwater Bridge. They eventually left without incident.


For the majority of the day, there was very little activity with the exception of snow removal duties at and near the forward staging area (1) individual was arrested when he swam across the river channel at Turtle Island and attempted to retrieve some canoes. The subject was arrested for criminal trespass and resisting an officer.