Daily Activity

This is preliminary information to provide a general timeline & summary of protest activity.


At approximately 10:09 a.m., a lone individual on a bicycle entered the Backwater Bridge. He took a few photographs then left without incident approximately 15 minutes later.

At approximately 4:00 p.m., it was reported that representatives from the media attempted to gain access to Turtle Hill by way of crossing DAPL property. DAPL requested that the media be escorted off of DAPL property and any requests from the media to access DAPL property be coordinated through the DAPL media representative.


No significant protest activity occurred. 


No significant protest activity occurred. 


President Trump issued an executive order to advance approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline in addition to the Keystone Pipeline.  The order did not provide any specifics that would allow for DAPL to begin crossing Lake Oahe.

At approximately 9:15 pm, law enforcement officers observed a vehicle drive from the Oceti protest camp and park at Turtle Island.  The 3 occupants who proceeded to fly a drone which subsequently crashed on the south side of the Cannonball River.  Law enforcement officers approached the occupants to arrest them for trespass.  The occupants ran back to the vehicle and began to leave.  Officers in UHV’s attempted to stop the vehicle and the vehicle backed into the UHV to its rear, forcing the UHV to take evasive action. The UHV sustained some damage. The vehicle fled nearly striking other UHV’s and headed back towards the Oceti Sakowin camp on a plowed road.  Officers were able to get the vehicle stopped and the 3 occupants (2 males and one female) were arrested and charged with multiple offenses.   



No significant protest activity occurred.


No significant protest activity occurred.


No significant protest activity occurred.


No significant protest activity occurred.


At approximately 12:15 am, law enforcement officers began advancing towards the bridge to remove the protesters.  During this operation to clear the protesters from the bridge, 19 protesters were arrested.  Law enforcement officers returned to the north side of the barricade at approximately 1:00 am. At approximately 1:30 am, officers again moved onto the bridge to clear protesters from the bridge and 2 protesters were arrested.

During the incident, protesters had started fires on the bridge using tires and gasoline. Law enforcement used chemical agents and less lethal munitions during the incident. At least one protestor, a total of six National Guard and police officers sustained injuries.


At approximately 7:00 pm, protesters began assembling on the Backwater Bridge.  Some of the protesters were equipped with shields and gas masks and they started a fire on the south end of the bridge.  The protesters also erected teepee poles on the bridge. At approximately 7:30 pm, law enforcement officers entered the bridge and moved the protesters back and while on the bridge dismantled and removed the teepee poles.

At approximately 8:00 pm, the protesters again began assembling on the bridge.  The number of protesters continually increased over the next two hours and the protesters were throwing a variety of objects at the law enforcement officers present at the barricade on the north end of the bridge.  The objects included burning emergency flares, ice chunks, and frozen water bottles. At 10:20 pm, the number of protesters on the bridge was estimated at approximately 175.  The situation continued past midnight.


At approximately noon, protesters began assembling on the Backwater Bridge.  By 2:00 pm, there were approximately 30 at the barricade on the north end of the bridge.  Throughout the evening, the number of protesters on the bridge began to increase and by approximately 10:30 pm there was an estimated 75 on the bridge and they were removing the security wire from the barricades on the north end of the bridge. Keep reading for more details.


At approximately 4:00 pm, protester activity began.  Initially, limited numbers of protesters were in the area directly east of the HDD site as well as at Turtle Hill.  At approximately 5:00 pm, there were approximately 200 protesters in the general areas of the HDD site and Turtle Hill. Keep reading for more details.


No significant protest activity occurred.


No significant protest activity occurred.


No significant protest activity occurred.


A recording of a press release made by the headsmen of the Oceti Sakowin camp was posted to social media.  In this release, they announced the sacred fire in the Oceti camp was going to be allowed to burn down today and the ashes would be carried in the four directions to support and strengthen the protesters.  They also announced cleanup of the camp would begin today.

The results of the core sampling of the Backwater Bridge were announced and there is no structural damage to the bridge, however, repairs to the surface and guardrail need to be completed before the bridge may be re-opened.  The repairs will not be attempted until security of the bridge may be assured.

There was no significant protest activity,


Two large garbage dumpster “roll-offs” were delivered to the Oceti camp supposedly to be used to assist in the cleanup effort. 

No significant activity protest activity occurred.


No significant activity occurred.


At approximately 1:30 pm, 2 protesters were arrested for trespassing at Turtle Hill. In the afternoon, several protesters went onto the Backwater Bridge and examined the security measures at the barricade to include taking photos of the barricade. 


No significant activity occurred.